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Sapna Aggarwal from Delhi

How Mrs. Sapna Aggarwal helped her husband to stop snoring & enjoy peaceful night of sleep for both of them!

Jay Patel & His Wife from Ahmedabad

I never realized how a small device like NoSnores can actually effect the quality of your life. The truth is it has made a real difference to our relationship!

Preeti Kansal from Hyderabad

My husband was very desperate to stop snoring & even considered going for a surgery. Now that we have found NoSnores snoring is now a thing of the past!

Shubha Laxmi from Bangalore

I am terrible snorer before I ordered NoSnores Anti Snoring Device. Ever since I started using it my husband loves me all the more now. I strongly recommend this device to all the snorer out there. If I can stop my snoring with NoSnores then you can too :)

Arjun Sharma from New Delhi

I study in Delhi University and used to face lot of issues from my room mates because of my Snoring. Luckily I found NoSnores and ever since then my snoring stopped completely. I now enjoy sharing rent with 3 other room mates of mine!