What causes snoring?

We all have muscles in our throat that are responsible to keep our airway open so that the air we breathe can flow in and out without any turbulence. When we fall asleep our throat muscles relax and because of this our lower jaw falls inwards. This causes air blockage specially when we breathe in because the back of your tongue (soft palate) is now touching the throat and constricting the air way passage. In this position when you breathe in the air has to pass through the constricted airway thus vibrating the back of your tongue and creating a noisy & irritating sound of snoring!


How it works?

NoSnores has a revolutionary design that holds your jaw slightly forward, this helps move the back of your tongue away from the throat & opens your airway thus ensuring clear airflow passage when you breathe in and stops snoring immediately. The technology behind NoSnores is accepted worldwide by dentists and has proven to work with over 90% of people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea or as we know it as Snoring.

Although this product works well on majority of snoring sufferers we still suggest you to consult your dentists or physicians before using this device.

Among Studies conducted on mandible devices like these are as follows:
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Why it works?

Snoring is caused due to the sound created by vibrations of tissues at the back of your throat. NoSnores has a revolutionary design that helps to hold your lower jaw forward while you are asleep & throat muscles are relaxing. NoSnores uses the same technology as used by dentists for many years now. The difference is that a solution by your dentists may costs you over Rs. 15,000 & numerous visits to the dental clinic. NoSnores is developed with a special moldable soft feel plastic that takes the shape of your jaws & gives each user a custom fit for great results.


NOSnores Advantages!

  • NoSnores has a revolutionary & worldwide accepted design that is proven to reduce or eliminate your snoring completely right from the first night one of using it.
  • It is made from special soft feel moldable plastic that takes the shape of your jaws upon heating in water. If the desired shape & fit is not achieved then the product can be remolded again using the same process upto 4 times.
  • NoSnores is developed from material which is durable enough to last upto 1 year. It may last even longer provided it is preserved & cleaned at regular intervals as specified in instructional booklet.
  • Our anti snoring device is cost effective & is much lower in price as compared to traditional mandible sold by dentists for more than Rs. 15,000.
  • NoSnores comes with a Free and an attractive protective case which keeps your anti snoring device clean and easy to carry anywhere.
  • NoSnores is the only anti snoring device in India that comes with 30 days Money Back Guarantee!

Why NOSNore is Different?

Traditional Mandible Device Snoring Nose Pins Snoring Pillow
Proven to Stop Snoring Yes No No Yes
Cumtomizable Yes No No Yes
Comfortable Can be very irritating Not at all comfortable Fairly Comfortable Feels like part of your life
after few nights
Side Effects Usually No Sneezing, Discomfort Pain in Neck & Head No Side Effects*
Availability May take several months Available online Not available online Express Shipping All Over India
within 3-5 Days
Product Lifespan 3-6 months 1-3 weeks 2-3 weeks 30 days (disposable)
Cost More than INR 15,000 INR 1500 INR 3500 INR 990